Art: The Divine Fingerprints of Our Loving God

Enthusiasm — A strong interest in something that you like or enjoy.                                           Origin of the word: Greek, Enthousiasmos — God breathed, to be inspired

By way of this blog, I, Martha Boynton (Lee's wife), would like to extend a special thank you to all who have expressed such heartfelt appreciation for having known or studied with Lee.

“Enthusiastic” was a word people often used to describe Lee. He was enthusiastic about life and art.  Lee seemed to dance with remarkable ease and joy along the narrow path God had marked out for him— a career as a fine art painter and teacher.  He lived from the understanding that all people are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28). We are wired with an innate ability to imagine and create. Lee would often tell me he felt a perfect oneness with God when he would paint; he would be "co-creating with the Creator Himself." Lee’s greatest desire was to foster this gift in others through his teaching.

Lee and I worked closely together through our 36 years of marriage,  We were called to the mountain of the arts the day we met back in October, 1978.  I will be continuing our mission through this blog on the Lee Boynton Legacy site. Lee was a groundbreaker in the arts and his influence will live on.  I will be tracking the development and work of visual artists whose commitment to the arts bring beauty, joy and peace to our troubled world, reminding us of who (whose) we are and the hope we have in God. 

We look forward to the first reception of The Lee Boynton: The Light of Life show this coming Thursday, October 13, 2016, 5-8pm, at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis, MD.