Ballards and Brushes

June 8, 2019


Herrington Harbor North, 389 Deale Road, Tracy’s Landing, MD 20179

The folks at Herrington Harbor North have a very special event planned for lovers of art and music. Cathy Ditro is a member of several major headlining acts. She will be there for their first Music on the Lawn, opening the summer boating season. She will be playing a mix of top 40 hits from the 80s and other modern gems, starting at 8:00pm on the Gedunk Lawn.

Mary Bowen’s Pop-up Art Gallery will be opening at 6.00pm in the Training Room, adjacent to the Gedunk Lawn. Art prints as well as original paintings will be available for purchase and will feature scenes from the Chesapeake Bay. Lee Boynton and Mary Bowen will be the featured artists.